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Products Detection & Instrumentation

Detection & Instrumentation
• Laser Driven Light Sources for Spectroscopy
• Spatial Light Modulators, Monochromators & Spectrometers
• Detectors, Meters & Spectrum Analysers
Our range of scientific equipment is second to none. We supply laser-driven light sources, monochromators and spectrometers for spectroscopists. UV-Vis-NIR inspection systems for the forensic analyst. Thermo-electric cooling and fibre optic thermometers for industry. And for research, holographic spatial light modulators, capacitance bridges, detectors, meters, spectrum analysers, and more. If you have an application, or a problem in search of a solution, contact us now.

• LDLS™ Laser-Driven Light Source
• Bright and Broadband - UV to IR
• Long Life with Low Cost of Ownership
Plasma-based light sources for nanoscale applications are a new way forward in illu...  

Gamma Scientific
Gamma Scientific
• Spectroradiometers, Spectrometers & Reflectometers
• Photometers, NVIS Radiometers, & Colourimeters
• Integrating Spheres, Detectors & Light Sources

Gamma Scientific produce LED, display and li...  

Mad City Labs
Mad City Labs
• Nanopositioning Stages
• Single or Multi-Axis
• Rotational, Tip and Tilt Systems

Mad City Labs is a leading manufacturer of flexure based nanopositioning systems capable of sub-nanomet...  

• Reflex: Fibre Optic Thermometer
• OmniFlex: Rackmounted Multi-channel Temperature Monitor
• Nomad: Portable Fibre Optic Thermometer

Neoptix designs and manufactures fibre optic temperature sens...  

• Spatial Light Modulators with up to HDTV Resolution
• OptiExplorer Kits for Advanced Classes in Physics & Engineering
• Diffractive Optical Elements

HOLOEYE Photonics offer products based on m...  

• Intelligent Test Systems & Cable Assembly Testing
• High-Speed Power Meters
• Light Sources & Variable Attenuators

EXFO's Intelligent Test Systems offer choices from the following in one instru...  

Andeen-Hagerling Inc
Andeen-Hagerling Inc
• Automatic Capacitance Bridges
• High-precision Capacitance/Loss Bridges
• Capacitance Standards & Accessories

Andeen-Hagerling manufacture capacitance and capacitance/loss bridge test equipment...  

Spectral Products
Spectral Products
• Monochromators & Spectrometers
• Spectrographs & Spectrophotometers
• Light Sources & Automated Filter Wheels

Spectral Products is a world leader in optical instrumentation technology and produ...  

CRAIC Technologies
CRAIC Technologies
• UV-Vis-NIR Microanalysis
• UV & NIR Microscopes
• Raman Microspectrometers & More

CRAIC Technologies is a leading developer of superior UV-visible-NIR microanalysis instruments for science and ...  

Electron Dynamics
Electron Dynamics
• Peltier Effect Thermo-electric Cooling
• Heat Pumps & Temperature Controllers
• Stand-alone or OEM Versions

Specialists in control and instrumentation, Electron Dynamics offer a range of heat p...  

• Pyroelectric Detectors
• Photodiode Detectors & Calorimeters
• The standard in laser measurement since 1968

Scientech's line of laser power and energy measurement systems, both calorimetric and...  

Electro-Optical Systems
Electro-Optical Systems
• IR Detector Components & Position Sensors
• Receiver Modules & Support Electronics
• Custom Detector Products

Electro-Optical Systems Inc (EOS) have been in the business of providing Detecti...  

We welcome the opportunity to work with you on developing solutions for your specific needs, whether for a small project or for large quantity OEM volumes. We have the flexibility to develop prototypes and the manufacturing expertise to produce in large volume.

Please call with your needs or ideas: we’re here to help.

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