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Femtosecond lasers, amplified fs lasers, single frequency CW lasers, OPO lasers, diode lasers, laser safety eyeware, plus much more from Integrated Optics, IPG Photonics, Vescent Technologies, Photodigm, Akela Laser Corp., Honeywell Sperian, FEMTOLASERS GmbH, Oxford Lasers and others.

• Femtosecond Laser Oscillator & Amplifier Solutions
• Carrier Envelope Phase Stabilisation
• Pulse Durations down to 7 fs

FEMTOLASERS Produktions GmbH is the premiere manufacturer of ultrafast, ...  

Vescent Photonics
Vescent Photonics
 •  Lasers
 •  Optical & Electro-optical Modules
 •  Electronics for Lasers
Vescent Photonics is a technology driven organisation developing and manufacturing novel electro-optic, wavegu...  

Photodigm Inc.
Photodigm Inc.
• High power laser diodes
• Single spatial and longitudinal modes
• Narrow bandwidths - 1 MHz
Photodigm manufacture in their own fab so, by controlling all aspects of design and producti...  

Integrated Optics
Integrated Optics
 • CW Micro Lasers
 • Laser accessories
 • SERS substrates

Integrated Optics is a manufacturer of high-performance compact lasers that feature ultra-low noise, high beam quality and a long life...  

IPG Photonics
IPG Photonics
• Ytterbium-doped Fibre Lasers: 1.0 µm
• Erbium-doped Fibre Lasers: 1.5 µm
• Thulium-doped Fibre Lasers: 2.0 µm

IPG Photonics has developed a range of reliable diode-pumped amplifiers and lasers ...  

OZ Optics
OZ Optics
• Fibre-optic Patchcords & Components
• Fibre-coupled & Free-space laser modules
• Distributed Strain & Temperature Measurement

OZ Optics is a leading supplier of fibre optic components, sensor ...  

AKELA Laser Corporation
AKELA Laser Corporation
• Laser Diodes & Diode Bars
• Single Emitters, Arrays, & Laser Modules
• Standard & Custom Packages

AKELA designs and manufactures high-power laser diodes for applications in the medical, industr...  

Thales Laser
Thales Laser
• Diode-pumped kHz Lasers
• Flashlamp-pumped Nd:YAG Lasers
• Femtosecond Ultrafast Lasers Systems & Accessories

Thales Laser manufactures a wide range of standard and custom products, including d...  

Oxford Lasers
Oxford Lasers
• Laser Micromachining System
• Cutting, Milling & Drilling on the Tabletop
• Class 1 Laser Safe, yet Powerful & User Friendly

Oxford Lasers was founded in 1977 by physicists from Oxford Universi...  

Micro Laser Systems
Micro Laser Systems
• Free Space & Fibre Coupled Lasers: Up to 1600 nm
• Fibre Collimators
• High Perfomance Diode Lasers

Micro Laser Systems manufacture diode laser modules and instruments with an emphasis on optic...  

Electron Dynamics
Electron Dynamics
• Peltier Effect Thermo-electric Cooling
• Heat Pumps & Temperature Controllers
• Stand-alone or OEM Versions

Specialists in control and instrumentation, Electron Dynamics offer a range of heat p...  

• Pyroelectric Detectors
• Photodiode Detectors & Calorimeters
• The standard in laser measurement since 1968

Scientech's line of laser power and energy measurement systems, both calorimetric and...  

Laser Safety
Laser Safety
• Laser Safety Eyewear
• Disposable & Reusable Eye Shields
• Sheet Materials & Barriers

Elliot Scientific offers a broad choice of CE approved protective spectacles and googles for use with a v...  

MCL: Cyto-Lite™ - Multi-wavelength laser engine MCL: Cyto-Lite™ - Multi-wavelength laser engine

We welcome the opportunity to work with you on developing solutions for your specific needs, whether for a small project or for large quantity OEM volumes. We have the flexibility to develop prototypes and the manufacturing expertise to produce in large volume.

Please call with your needs or ideas: we’re here to help.

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