Frames and Styles - Noir

Frames and Styles - Noir

CE-certified NoIR LaserShields® : Frames and Styles   

NoIR LaserShields® : Frames and Styles   

The human eye can be permanently injured from direct or reflected exposure to laser energy or other intense light sources such as high-power LEDs and plasmas. Retinal injury occurs from exposure to visible, such as the possible Blue Light Hazard effect, or near IR energy (400-1400 nm), while corneal or lens damage results from UV (190-400 nm) and IR (1400-11000 nm) exposure.

Safety eyewear, coupled with proper safety protocols and strong training, can prevent injury and should be worn in the presence of any intense light source.

NoIR safety eyewear is designed to absorb specific light energies, and eyewear must be selected by considering source wavelength(s) and peak irradiance, required optical density (OD), visual light transmittance, field of view, effects on natural colour rendition and frame comfort.

NoIR LaserShields® are manufactured using one of the three following technologies as determined by the performance required from the filter:

  • Narrow-band absorptive dyes permanently moulded into polymer lenses
  • Absorptive mineral glass
  • Hybrid polymer or glass filters combining absorption with reflective coatings

Since eye protection is only effective when it's worn, LaserShield® laser safety products come in lightweight and comfortable styles that are easy to wear.

To buy eyewear, please contact us for advice and prices.

 Extra-small (Paediatric)

Style KM


Style 31


Style 32

Style 33

Style 34

Style 35

Style 36

Style 51

Style 52

Style 55

Style 56


Style 38

Style 53


Style 39


Style 50

 Safety Style

Style 700

Style 900

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