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- Micropositioning Systems
mechOnics Miniature Micropositioning SystemsFounded 2003 in Munich, mechOnics is a specialist in micropositioning systems, offering a complete range of positioning stages with piezo inertial drives. Direct drive of the linear axis by slip / stick rod means there is zero backlash or rotation.Stages a...

- MCL: Micropositioning Systems
 Mad City Labs Micropositioning StagesSeries SummaryMCL-MANNZPrecision manual XY stage with Z-axis nanopositioning for use with all standard inverted optical microscopesMCL-MOTNZHigh precision XY stepper motor stage with Z-axis nanopositioning for use with all standard inverted optical microsco...

- MCL: Nano-Cyte LC
 Mad City Labs Nano-Cyte LCNano-Cyte™LC is an image based, platform independent stabilisation system that changes the nature of live cell imaging. Temperature gradients, sample drift, and microscope drift are no longer of concern as Nano-Cyte™LC affords unprecedented stability in the nanometer ...

- MCL: SPM-M Kit
 Mad City Labs SPM-M KitDIY closed loop, scanning resonant probe microscopeMad City Labs offer the SPM-M Kit for the construction of a high performance, closed loop, scanning resonant probe microscope. Combining the MadPLL® instrument package with Mad City Labs high resolution nanopositioning s...

- MCL: MicroMirror TIRF System
 Mad City Labs MicroMirror TIRFTotal Internal Reflection Fluorescence microscopy accessoryThe Mad City Labs' MicroMirror TIRF system is an enabling technology for advanced study of complex biomolecular interactions. MicroMirror TIRF is a proven design and offers a simple yet flexible instrument...


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