Electro-Optical Systems

Electro-Optical Systems

Providing Detection Across the Spectrum   

Electro-Optical Systems Inc.   

Since 1983, Electro-Optical Systems Inc has been operating as an independent OEM of photodetector/photodiode components, detector subassemblies and custom instrumentation covering the complete UV/vis to 40 micron spectral region.
Their broad product line finds application in OEM instrumentation and test equipment, optical testing, quality control, laser detection and characterisation, thermometry, spectrometry, process control, enviromental sensing, gas analysis, fibre-optic sensing, device characterisation and a variety of other optoelectronic uses.

IR Detector Components

Si GaAs Ge InAs InSb PbS PbSe HgCdTe Pyro  


Receiver Modules are offered as compact TO-packaged units, delivering convenience and performance advantages through having the photodetector and amplifier in close proximity to minimise EMI and microphonics.
In adddition, versatile H-series units offer the user a group of interchangeable detectors, which provide optimal coverage of the UV-VIS-NIR, -MWIR, -LWIR wavelength regions.

  • TO-style photodiode/amplifiers:
    • Room temperature and TE integrated H-series-Dual gain with BNC out
    • Room temperature and TE

Cryogenic Detectors bring the ultimate in sensitivity to any given wavelength range, as well as maximum immunity to EMI, microphonics, and accidental mishandling.

  • Integrated detector/amplifier, optics and fibre optic interfaces available

Support Electronics

  • Power supplies & power supply/controllers
  • Amplifiers & lock-in amplifiers
  • Data acquisition hardware

Special Detectors

  • Two colour detectors
  • Linear arrays
  • Dual and quad cells
  • Custom packaging and geometry

NIR Position Sensors

  • Germanium and InGaAs:
    • Tetralateral style
    • Sizes to 13 mm diameter
    • Room temperature and TE


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