alpha300 access Raman Microscope

alpha300 access Raman Microscope
alpha300 access Raman Microscope

Entry-level Raman Imaging Microscope   

WITec alpha300 access Raman Microscope   


  • High-performance Raman spectroscopy and spectral Raman mapping
  • Exceptional spectral quality via WITec UHTS spectrometers
  • High-quality and ultra-precise optical microscopy components
  • Class-leading capability within challenging budget environments
  • Fully upgradeable

access is a micro-Raman single-spot analysis and mapping microscope specifically engineered for budget-conscious customers requiring superior instrument performance. WITec has not skimped on the specification, ensuring access delivers outstanding spectral quality, optical throughput and signal sensitivity.

The high-quality alpha300 microscope at the core of access can be upgraded whenever needed. New requirements no longer require a new instrument as access is easily and quickly adapted. Additional functions, such as scan stages, spectrometers, cameras and lasers can be added, as well advanced Raman techniques. The upgrade path for access ends at a very capable high-end WITec instrument.

Microscope specification

  • Research grade optical microscope
  • Video camera system
  • LED white-light source for Köhler illumination
  • Manual stage for highly accurate single-point spectrum acquisitions
  • UHTS 300 broadband spectroscopy system for VIS to NIR
  • Fluorescence microscopy and polarisation dependent measurements easily accessible
Options and upgrades
Additional lasers
Additional UHTS-spectrometers (UV, VIS, NIR)
Motorised sample positioning
Confocal Raman imaging
AFM option
Epi-fluorescence option
High sample adaptor
TrueSurface for Raman depth profiling
Dark Field Microscopy
Phase Contrast Microscopy
DIC option


A number of papers have been published by scientists around the globe who have used a WITec Raman Microscope Imaging System within their research. Here are some examples:



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