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  • Confocal Raman microscopes
  • Atomic force microscopes (AFM)
  • SNOM microscopes
  • Correlative microscopes
  • Custom solutions

WITec is a market leader in the field of micro- and nano-analytical microscope systems (Raman, AFM, SNOM) for the life sciences. Since the company's formation by physicists from the University of Ulm in 1997, the award-winning WITec team of engineers and scientists constantly work on developing new technologies for their high-quality, flexible and innovative products.

alpha300 Upgrades and Accessories
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Brand: WITec Model: WITec alpha300 accessories
Modular design enables upgrades, updates, or re-tasking    WITec alpha300 accessories    TrueSurface TruePower TrueMatch Suite FIVE software LabView™ DaVinci nanolithogaphy     Over time, a lab and the research it carries out ca..
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