CRAIC Technologies (Manufacturer Info)

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CRAIC Spectrophotometers & Photometers
20/30, Elixir, plus 308 & 508 PV Systems    CRAIC Spectrophotometers &..
Apollo & Artemis Systems - Raman Spectroscopy
Complete systems or upgrade an existing microscope    Raman Microspectrometer Modu..
UVM-1 - UVM Series Ultraviolet Microscopes
A UV microscope that can image in the visible & NIR    UVM-1™ Ultraviolet Micr..
Thermal Stage - CRAIC Technologies
Controlled Heating and Cooling of Microspectrophotometer Samples    Thermal Stage&..
Microspectrometer Ancilliaries
CRAIC accessories include Software, Hardware, and Consumables    Microspectrometer..
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