Apollo & Artemis Systems - Raman Spectroscopy

Apollo & Artemis Systems - Raman Spectroscopy
Apollo & Artemis Systems - Raman Spectroscopy Apollo & Artemis Systems - Raman Spectroscopy

Complete systems or upgrade an existing microscope   

Raman Microspectrometer Modules   

Key Advantages

  • More than 8 laser modules available to avoid fluorescence including:
    •  405, 473, 488, 546, 638, 660, 785 & 830 nm
  • All solid state lasers and Raman spectrometers for extreme durability
  • Optics and hardware optimised for spectroscopy

Fast and easy Raman spectroscopy of microscopic sampling areas is now available following the introduction of the CRAIC Artemis™ and Apollo™ Raman Spectrometers - available as add-ons for modern research grade microscopes, or as an option for CRAIC's existing range of UV-Vis-NIR Microspectrophotometers.

Apollo™ Raman Microspectrometer
- Stackable modules for versatility

Perfect for research, metrology and quality control, the CRAIC Apollo™ Raman system has been designed specifically for microscopic sample analysis by employing optimised optics, software and hardware throughout its modular design.
The sensitive Apollo™ modules are available with more than eight different laser wavelengths and up to three can be combined for the ultimate in experimental flexibility. Easy to use and economical to own and operate, they enable rapid sample analysis within life sciences, materials science, chemistry and physics.
Each module includes a choice of Raman-grade diode laser - from 405 to 830 nm, imaging and microscope optical interface, integrated TE cooled CCD detector, durable solid-state Raman spectrometer, and software from CRAIC - the experts in microspectroscopy.

CRAIC Apollo™ Raman Spectrometer
CRAIC Apollo™ Raman Spectrometer

Artemis™ Raman Microspectrometer
Virtual slit technology for ultra-high resolution

The CRAIC Artemis™ Raman microspectrometer is designed to obtain the highest quality Raman spectra from microscopic samples. As such, it is perfect for research, metrology and inspection of microscopic sampling areas in fields such as life sciences, materials science, chemistry and physics.

The microspectrometer features patented virtual slit technology that dramatically increases the sensitivity of the spectrometer, offers an extraordinarily large spectral range, yet maintains the high speeds and spectral resolution for which CRAIC microspectrometers are known. 

Based on a modular design, each module includes laser excitation, optical interface, Raman spectrometer and software. 

Modules are offered with different lasers wavelengths and two can be used together for the ultimate in experimental flexibility.

CRAIC Artemis™ Raman Spectrometer
CRAIC Artemis™ Raman Spectrometer
on a 20/20T UV-Vis-NIR Microspectrophotometer


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