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Thermal Stage - CRAIC Technologies

Thermal Stage - CRAIC Technologies
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  • Model: CRAIC Technologies Thermal Stage

Controlled Heating and Cooling of Microspectrophotometer Samples   

Thermal Stage   

The CRAIC Technologies Thermal Stage package, depending upon its configuration, enables a scientist to analyze the transmission, reflectance or fluorescence spectra of microscopic samples under conditions of extreme cold or heat.

Operating in the UV-Visible-NIR regions, samples can be cooled to as low as -196 or heated up to as high as 600 °C. The same system also allows for atmospheric control of the sample environment - a feature that will open up additional avenues of research in many fields.

Applications Specifications
  • Biotechnology
  • Materials Science
  • Nanotechnology
Minimum Temperature   -196 °C
Maximum Temperature   +600 °C
Pressure Control   Yes
Spectral Range   UV-Vis-NIR


CRAIC Technologies Thermal Stage package

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