IQS Modular Test Systems - EXFO

IQS Modular Test Systems - EXFO

Flexible systems-based approaches to optical- and protocol-layer test and measurement   

IQS-600 Intelligent Qualification System   

  • Comprehensive range of plug-in test modules
  • Highly intuitive Graphical User Interface
  • Ethernet, GPIB and RS-232 for remote-control operation
  • LabVIEW™ drivers and ActiveX libraries for all available modules
  • PCI interface slots enabling the integration of fast data-acquisition cards or other test equipment

The IQS-600 Intelligent Qualification System offers a flexible systems-based approach to optical- and protocol-layer test and measurement for manufacturing, automation, optical qualification and R&D. It combines powerful features and an easy-to-use graphical user interface.

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Based on standard industrial PC architecture, the IQS-600 is a scalable modular system that houses a controller, expansion units and a comprehensive range of plug-in test modules.
Using an IQS-605P or an IQS-610P Controller Unit and IQS-610E Expansion Unit, you can expand your system to as many as 100 modules. The IQS-600's EXFO Bus II delivers the operating speed you need for transferring data and commands between interconnected units.
Plug-in modules include: Power Meter, Light Source, ASE Broadband Source, WDM Laser Source, EDFA Booster, Variable Attenuator, PDL Meter, Polarisation Scrambler, Return-loss Meter, OSA, Optical Switch and many more - some are listed below with links to EXFO's web site.

IQS Plug-In Modules

IQS-1700 - High-performance Power Meter
The IQS-1700 Optical Power Meter offers a continuous-mode peak-acquisition speed of 5208 measurements per second with an 80 dB range. A 300 µs stabilisation time allows simultaneous measurement of high and low signals on one or two channels.

IQS-2150 - Optical Light Source
The IQS-2150 Optical Light Source features variable output power over a 6 dB range that can be fine-tuned in 0.1 dB increments. Both the LED and laser versions come in various wavelengths to support all singlemode and multimode applications.

IQS-2600B - Tuneable Laser Source
The IQS-2600B Tuneable Laser Source is ideal for testing dense WDM components in the C- and L-band ranges.

IQS-3150 - Variable Attenuator
EXFO's IQS-3150 Variable Attenuator is ideal for BER testing and system verification in demanding 24/7 production environments.

IQS-5240S-BP - Optical Spectrum Analyser
Highly accurate, easy-to-use intelligent optical spectrum analyzers (OSAs) for current and next-generation networks.

IQS-9100 - Optical Switch
The IQS-9100 Optical Switch is ideal for component testing, ribbon fibre testing, multichannel monitoring, remote and multiple-component testing, signal routing and bypass switching.

IQS-9100B - MEMS Optical Switch
The IQS-9100B MEMS Optical Switch provides highly accurate and repeatable fibre-to-fibre switching for singlemode 1 x N configurations up to 1 x 32.

IQS-9600 - Utility Module
This IQS-9600 Utility Module secures and standardises the integration of couplers, isolators, filters and Bragg gratings into the IQS-600 Integrated Qualification System.


IQS-2800 ITLA Tuneable Laser Source

The recent upsurge in bandwidth requirements by carriers is pushing next-generation transmission systems to achieve new capacity limits via use of complex high-order modulation formats like dual-polarisation quadrature phase-shift keying (DPQPSK).

The EXFO IQS-2800 is a modular test solution, housed in the IQS-636 platform, that provides researchers and engineers with a comprehensive way to design and test these future ultra-high-capacity network architectures. The lasers are continuous wave (CW), tuneable, with a high-power output, narrow 100 kHz linewidth, and 10 pm resolution tunability over the C, L or A band.

  • C, L, or A bands
  • Up to thirty-six 15.5 dBm high power lasers
  • 100 kHz linewidth with 10 pm resolution
  • Software control and fully cascadeable
  • ITU-grid mode, Coherent/OFDM Transmission, and WDM Network Emulation

Up to nine IQS-2800 modules can be inserted into an IQS-636 platform, for a total of 36 lasers. From there, multiple IQS-636 platforms can be cascaded and controlled via one simple and easy-to-use software application. Each laser can be controlled individually, or multiple lasers can be set to create tilt over a wavelength range. It can also automatically spread the lasers over the entire C band, for example.


The EXFO IQS-2800 is a cost-effective and versatile solution for various applications including coherent/OFDM transmission and WDM network emulation. It also operates in ITU-grid mode, which restricts the frequency tuning to 25 GHz spacing channels.
A comprehensive datasheet for the EXFO IQS-2800 can be download from the Related Documents menu upper right.


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