MDE147 - Large Fixed Bracket: Slot Length 60 mm

MDE147 - Large Fixed Bracket: Slot Length 60 mm

Large Fixed Bracket with 60 mm Slot   


  • For X-axis use

The MDE147 is for mounting accessories along the X-axis of flexure stages. It attaches to front vertical pillar on the stage and provides a rigid mounting surface for other accessories. It has a slot of length 60 mm milled along it, a locating groove and threaded mounting holes. The package includes a model MDE154 clamp set.

Fixed brackets are attached to the vertical pillar on flexure stages by using two M4 screws. They provide a convenient rigid surface for mounting standard Elliot or Martock accessories for alignment with items on the moving top plate of the flexure stage.

The fixed platform is often referred to as the "Fixed World", while the flexure stage top plate can be regarded as the "Moving World".

When mounting these brackets, a steel rule is a useful aid to ensure that they are in-line with the optical axis defined by the XYZ stage.


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