MDE206 - Micrometer Head 5 mm Travel

MDE206 - Micrometer Head 5 mm Travel

Micrometer Adjuster with 5 mm travel   


  • Very compact
  • 0.01 mm graduations, 0.5 mm per revolution
  • Very smooth motion allows positioning to 1 µm
  • Rubber rings provide a sensitive but precise grip
  • Designed specifically for micropositioning applications
  • Stainless steel screw with hard steel ball on spindle tip

This micrometer features rubber finger grips and very smooth motion that give a linear sensitivity of 1 µm. Graduations indicate 10 µm of linear travel.

Travel 0 to 5 mm
Displacement   0.5 mm per revolution
Graduations 10 µm
Sensitivity 1 µm
Spigot diameter   4 mm
Product Code: Martock MDE206

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