MDE213 - Simple Adjuster 3 mm Travel

MDE213 - Simple Adjuster 3 mm Travel

Simple Adjuster with 3 mm travel   


  • 3 mm travel
  • Ultra-miniature
  • Very smooth operation
  • Very fine thread: 0.25 mm pitch
  • Designed specifically for micropositioning applications
  • Positioning to 0.5 µm using the supplied 1.27 AF Ball Drive key
  • Long life stainless steel spindle with hard steel ball tip & nickel silver nut

This miniature adjuster is used in the MDE265 series micropositioners. It incorporates a 3 mm diameter mounting spigot. A ball drive key is supplied to effect adjustments.

Travel 0 to 3 mm
Thread 0.25 mm pitch
Sensitivity  0.5 µm

Options and Accessories
Long travel version

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