MDE215 - Ultra Fine Mirror Mount Adjuster

MDE215 - Ultra Fine Mirror Mount Adjuster

Ultra Fine Mirror Mount Adjuster   


  • 20 nm resolution
  • Lockable coarse drive
  • Provides ultra-fine adjustment
  • Retrofits existing mirror mounts:
    • Fits the ¼-80 tapped hole
    • Improves resolution

The MDE215 incorporates a patented mechanical lever that can achieve a linear sensitivity of 20 nm. Suitable for retrofitting to existing optical mounts, as it fits the 1/4-80 tapped hole typically found on kinematic mirror mounts, enhancing their adjustment precision.

Resolution 20 nm
Mounting size   ¼-80 tapped thread
Options and Accessories

Elliot Scientific can supply a mirror mount for 1" optics fitted with two MDE215 adjusters. Resolution is increased from around 2 arc seconds to 0.1 arc seconds.

† Patent Nos. GB 2152616B & USA 4617833

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