MDE231 - Stepper Motor Actuator: 8 mm Travel Adjustment

MDE231 - Stepper Motor Actuator: 8 mm Travel Adjustment

Stepper motor actuator: 8 mm travel   


  • Non-rotating spindle
  • Resolution 0.254 µm single step
  • Integral stepper motor drive and gearbox
  • Integrates with Elliot Gold™ series flexure stages and rotation units

The MDE231 is a stepper motor-driven 8 mm travel actuator. The non-rotating spindle offers low noise translation or rotation when integrated with the Elliot Gold™ series flexure stages, pitch & yaw stages and rotation units. Developed for the demanding rotation and alignment of fibre optic components, it can be used anywhere that stable, accurate motion is needed.

Travel 8 mm
Thread 0.254 µm pitch
Max. speed  0.5 mm/s
Non-rotating spindle
Manual adjustment via hex key

Options and Accessories
Stepper drive controllers available

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