MDE520 - Elliot Gold™ Series Polarisation Maintaining Fibre Launch System with High Precision Adjusters

MDE520 - Elliot Gold™ Series Polarisation Maintaining Fibre Launch System with High Precision Adjusters

Elliot Gold™ Series Polarisation Maintaining Fibre Launch System with High Precision Adjusters   


  • 5 arc seconds rotational resolution
  • Orthogonal alignment grooves
  • 2 mm travel per axis
  • Suitable for PM fibre (125/250 µm cladding/jacket)
  • Ultra-stable patented design XYZ flexure stage
  • 20 nm linear resolution with patented†† high resolution adjusters

Elliot Gold™ Series Polarisation Maintaining (PM) fibre launch system comprising: 3-axis high precision flexure stage with high precision fibre (US: fiber) rotator, objective lens mount with RMS thread, and large fixed bracket. Suitable for launching free space light beams into PM fibre due to its accurate 3D flexure-based positioning.
PM fibre requires that the roll axis be adjusted to ensure correct alignment of the laser polarisation and fibre polarisation axes.

All accessories are compatible with the Elliot Gold™ series flexure stages. The optical axis height is 18 mm above the platform surface and on the centre line of the location slot. Where necessary a locating tongue forms part of the accessory. A standard clamp system is used and is supplied with the flexure stages and accessory platforms. The choice of objective lens is subject to user preference, and must be ordered separately. Extra clamp sets (MDE154) are available if required.

System Constituents
MDE717 High precision fibre rotator
MDE330 Elliot Gold™ series XYZ High Precision Flexure Stage
MDE216 High precision manual adjusters (x3)
MDE154 Clamp Set x 2
MDE150 Objective mount with RMS thread (Lens not included)
MDE147 Large fixed bracket


Configuration Right handed version
Fibre holder Double V-groove & clamp arms for 125/250 µm cladding/jacket fibre. Spring-loaded clamp arm force adjusts from 25 to 125g
Fibre rotation Full 360° rotation
Engraved scale ± 90°, vernier reads to 30 arc minutes
Fine adjustment screw with 5 arc seconds resolution
Range ± 5°
V-block preset on axis with less than 1 µm concentricity error
V-block can be re-centred by user
Adjuster Type Three high precision adjusters (Model MDE216) utilising a patented†† lever system with rotary fine and coarse control
Resolution 20 nm
Load capacity 4.5 kg
Arcuate Displacement    X axis 20 µm (at maximum range of travel)
Y and Z axes 14 µm (at maximum range of travel)
Optical axis The optical height of all Flexure Stage accessories is 18 mm above the top plate. Therefore, the optical axis height of a mounted accessory is 94 mm above the bottom of the stage
Objective mount  Removable stainless steel sleeve with RMS thread (0.800"-36). Allows on-axis adjustment and exchange of objectives or suitably mounted aspheric or ball lenses
Variants Left-handed version available
Imperial thread versions available
Custom v-groove sizes


A number of papers have been published by scientists around the globe who have used an Elliot Gold™ Series Fibre Launch System within their research. Here are some examples:


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† Patent Nos. GB 2129955B & USA 4635887
†† Patent Nos. GB 2152616B & USA 4617833

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