MDE709 - Fibre Holder (Bare/Mechanical) for Elliot Gold™ Series XYZ Flexure Stages

MDE709 - Fibre Holder (Bare/Mechanical) for Elliot Gold™ Series XYZ Flexure Stages

Bare Fibre Holder (Mechanical)   


  • Very easy to use
  • Clamp force adjustable from 25 to 125 g
  • Contact point on fibre is a resilient pad
  • Holds 125/250 µm fibre (other sizes to order)
  • Clamp arm swings clear of V-groove for easy loading of fibre

The model MDE709 Fibre Holder features a double V-groove and single clamp arm to hold 125 µm fibre. The clamp arm swings clear of the V-groove, and the clamp forces can be adjusted from 25 to 125 g, making the unit very easy to use. The single clamp arm holds the 125 µm stripped section of fibre.

The fibre holder is designed to complement the Elliot Gold™ series XYZ flexure stages, but can also be mounted on a conventional 25 mm pitch optical table using adaptor plate MDE860 or M4 post using the same adaptor.

A comprehensive range of fibre holders using vacuum, magnet or spring-loaded clamps is available. User replaceable V-grooves enable the user to work with different fibre sizes economically. Custom grooves are our speciality.

All accessories are compatible with the Elliot Gold™ series flexure stages. The optical axis height is 18 mm above the platform surface and on the centre line of the location slot. Where necessary a locating tongue forms part of the accessory. A standard clamp system is used and is supplied with the flexure stages and accessory platforms. The clamp set (MDE154) is available separately if required.


Configuration   Double V-groove single clamp arm
Fibre size 125/250 µm fibre (other sizes to order)
Fibre clamp Sinlge clamp arm with adjustable force
Clamp force Adjustable from 25 to 125 g
Optical Axis 94 mm when mounted on an Elliot Gold™ series XYZ flexure stage


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Custom sized V-grooves

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