MDE884LH - Fibre Array / Crystal Rotator, Long Reach, Left Hand

MDE884LH - Fibre Array / Crystal Rotator, Long Reach, Left Hand

Fibre Array/Crystal Rotator, Long Reach, L/H   


  • θx fibre array / crystal manipulator
  • Rotates exactly on x-axis
  • Maintains 18 mm centre height
  • Right and Left handed versions available

θx ribbon cable / crystal manipulator (long reach). Unique roll mechanism ensures rotation is exactly about x-axis, and maintains 18 mm centre height. Right and left handed versions available. Can also be supplied with θy and θz adjustments. Front block is machined by Elliot Scientific or Customer to locate silicon V-groove block on the fibre (US: fiber) ribbon.

The unique mechanical roll design features a decoupling of the linear adjuster travel from the roll motion, which minimises any radial offset during rotation. This ensures that angular movements are exactly about the x-axis and that no radial offset is introduced. The precision of motion results in a very high level of accuracy of the roll angle.

Configuration Left hand
Centre Height     Maintained at 18 mm
θx Rotation Coarse range ± 4°
  Fine range ± 10 arc minutes
θx Resolution Coarse adjustment     8 arc seconds
  Fine adjustment < 0.1 arc seconds


MDE885 L/H and R/H units incorporated into a waveguide alignment system


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Further options
θy and θz versions
Inverted drive version if space is limited


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