MDE884RH - Fibre Array / Crystal Rotator, Long Reach, Right Hand

MDE884RH - Fibre Array / Crystal Rotator, Long Reach, Right Hand

Fibre Array/Crystal Rotator, Long Reach, R/H   


  • θx fibre array / crystal manipulator
  • Rotates exactly on x-axis
  • Maintains 18 mm centre height
  • Right and Left handed versions available

This θx ribbon cable / crystal manipulator (long reach) has a unique roll mechanism to ensure rotation is exactly about the x-axis, at an 18 mm centre height. Right and left handed versions available. Can also be supplied with θy and θz adjustments. Front block is machined by Elliot Scientific or Customer to locate silicon V-groove block on the fibre (US: fiber)ribbon.

The unique mechanical roll design features a decoupling of the linear adjuster travel from the roll motion, which minimises any radial offset during rotation. This ensures that angular movements are exactly about the x-axis and that no radial offset is introduced. The precision of motion results in a very high level of accuracy of the roll angle.

Configuration Left hand
Centre Height     Maintained at 18mm
θx Rotation Coarse range ± 4°
  Fine range ± 10 arc minutes
θx Resolution Coarse adjustment     8 arc seconds
  Fine adjustment < 0.1 arc seconds


MDE885 L/H and R/H units incorporated into a waveguide alignment system


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Further options
θy and θz versions
Inverted drive version if space is limited

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