E22891 - Dual Fibre Rotation

E22891 - Dual Fibre Rotation

Photosensitive Fibre Rotator   


The E22891 comprises two MDE235 motorised fibre (US: fiber) rotators mounted on a customised breadboard, allowing variable spacing of the fibre clamps. Designed for the rotation of photosensitive fibres during or between exposures, the two fibre rotators are synchronised to prevent any torsional stress on the fibre.

The alignment groove on the breadboard gives accurate positioning of the fibre without the need for additional stages. A 2-axis goniometer and rotation stage in the base allows for optimisation of angle of exposure.


  • Slotted design for easy insertion and removal of fibre
  • Full 360° rotation
  • Integral stepper motor drive
  • Resolution < 0.01° single step
  • Maximum speed 18°/s (20 s for 360°)
  • Fibre held in variable-force V-groove clamps
  • Standard V-groove for 125/250 µm fitted. (Custom sizes available.)
  • V-block preset on axis with less than 1 µm concentricity error
  • Stepper drive controllers available with LabVIEW™ drivers for auto rotation alignment


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