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E901 - High Precision Left-Hand 1 inch/25 mm Mirror Mount

E901 - High Precision Left-Hand 1 inch/25 mm Mirror Mount
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E901 - High Precision Left-Hand 1 inch/25 mm Mirror Mount
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  • Model: Elliot Scientific E901

High Precision L/H 25 mm (1") Mirror Mount   


  • M6 mounting holes (x 3)
  • Nylon tipped clamping screw
  • Excellent long term stability
  • Soft mounting for optic protection
  • 25 mm optic mounting (12.5 mm on request)
  • Hex drive adjusters with removable knurled knobs
  • Left-hand (E901) and right-hand (E902) versions
  • Ultra-stable base with proven laser alignment performance
  • Uses unique 0.20 µm pitch highest quality hand-lapped adjusters with ~127 turns/inch thread

The E900 series precision kinematic mirror mounts use the highest quality hand-lapped adjusters to provide smooth and accurate adjustment for critical laser and optical alignment.

The 0.20 pitch (approx 127 TPI) threaded screws provide a very high degree of sensitivity and control, and complement the excellent long term stability of the base.

Ease of use is enhanced by the provision of both a hex drive socket and a removable knurled knob. A nylon tipped locking screw positively locates the mirror optic against two compliant pads which minimise the stress applied to the optical substrate.

To improve access in confined spaces, both left-hand (E901) and right-hand (E902) versions are available.


Mirror size 1" / 25 mm diameter

Angular range ± 7.5°

Angular resolution < 0.001°

 E901 L/H High Precision Mirror Mount  viewed from the front, with a rear view of the E902 R/H High Precision Mirror Mount

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E-901 Kinematic Mount Drawing162.93 kbDownload
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