E914 - High Precision Mirror Mount with Interchangeable Front Plate - 4 inch/100 mm

E914 - High Precision Mirror Mount with Interchangeable Front Plate - 4 inch/100 mm

Adjustable High Precision Mirror Mount Frame with 4" (100 mm) Optic Holder


  • Nylon tipped clamping screw
  • Excellent long term stability
  • Engraved cross-hairs aid alignment
  • Hex drive adjusters with removable knurled knobs
  • M6 mounting holes (x 5) for on-axis post mounting
  • User configurable left-hand or right-hand geometry
  • Uses unique 0.20 µm pitch highest quality hand-lapped adjusters with approx 127 turns/inch thread
  • Uses interchangeable front plates with rear optic loading for repeatable location of mirror face for:
    •  1"/25 mm, 2"/50 mm, 3"/75 mm or 4"/100 mm optics

The E910 Series kinematic mirror mounts consist of a precision frame with adjusters to which the user can fit different sizes of front plate to hold optics ranging from 1 inch/25 mm through to 4 inch/100 mm.

These mounts use the highest quality hand-lapped adjusters to provide smooth and accurate adjustment for critical laser and optical alignment. The 0.20 pitch (approx 127 TPI) threaded screws provide a very high degree of sensitivity and control, and complement the excellent long term stability of the base. Ease of use is enhanced by the provision of both a hex drive socket and a removable knurled knob.

Optics are loaded via the rear of the front plate, and the front face of the mirror locates against a mechanical datum. Thus the critical optical surface always locates in the same place irrespective of the thickness of the mirror substrate. A nylon tipped screw positively locks the mirror optic against two machined pads within the front plate.

The interchangeable front plates greatly boost the versatility of these mounts as the same frame can accommodate a variety of mirror sizes. Furthermore, on-line optics can be quickly replaced with alternative mirrors that have previously been preloaded off-line into additional front plates.

Mirror mounts can be configured left or right handed by the user.

Interchangeable mounts accept optics from 1 to 4 inches (25 to 100 mm) in diameter

Engraved cross-hairs aid alignment

Mirror size Interchangeable front plate
for 4"/100 mm optics (Supplied)
Configuration Right- or Left-hand user changeable
Angular range ± 4.5º
Angular resolution   < 2.5 arc seconds


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