FDI-5010 - ND Reflective D:1.0 T:10% 50 mm Sq.

FDI-5010 - ND Reflective  D:1.0 T:10% 50 mm Sq.

Neutral Density Filter, Reflective: FDI-5010 ND Reflective    

FDI-5010 ND Reflective   


Optical Density: 1.0
Transmission: 10%
Thickness: 2 mm
Size: 50 mm Sq.

Reflective coated metallic nd filters are coated in two glass types. The VIS/NIR range is coated on optical glass to cover 350 to 2500 nm. The UV range is coated on fused silica for use down to 170 nm. Please note that the density is coated for 550 nm but will be up to 40% higher in the UV.
VIS/NIR Range Specification


Material: Optical Glass
Dimensions: Diameters +0.00/-0.20 mm
Squares ± 0.20 mm
Thickness: 2.0 ± 0.2 mm
Edges: Fine Ground
Surfaces: 80/50
Coating: Metallic
Spectral Range: 350 - 2500 nm
Optical Density: ± 5% @ 550 nm



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