LEK001: Post Holders and Bases Kit

LEK001: Post Holders and Bases Kit

Optical Lab Starter Kit: Post Holders and Bases    


  • Comprehensive component set
  • Cost effective: 5% discount on included parts
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The LEK001 has been created by our opto-mechanical team to enable the cost-effective and rapid construction of an optical table experiment from scratch.
Purchase of the LEK001 removes the need to accurately calculate the number of post holders and bases required for the experimental layout as a variety of commonly used components are supplied, avoiding the need to list and purchase many items individually.
The kit is also handy for researchers as a ready source of parts for expanding an existing set-up.
Kit Contents

    Description Qty   Options
  POH025 ½" Post Holder 25 mm Long 5

Steel Storage Cabinet*

  POH040 ½" Post Holder 40 mm Long 10
  POH050 ½" Post Holder 50 mm Long 10
  POH075 ½" Post Holder 75 mm Long 10
  POH100 ½" Post Holder 100 mm Long 5
  THS001 Spring Loaded Thumbscrew 5
  THS002 Thumbscrew 5
  TCL001 Table Clamp 15
  BAS001 One Sided Base 10
  BAS002 Two Sided Base 5
  BAS003 Twin Slotted Base 10

* The optional storage cabinet has a steel outer casing of dimensions 307 x 285 x 150 mm (WHD) and contains twelve plastic drawers of size 90 x 60 x135 mm (WHD).

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