Energetiq® LDLS™ - EQ-99 Manager

Energetiq® LDLS™ - EQ-99 Manager
Energetiq® LDLS™ - EQ-99 Manager

The Smart Controller for Laser-Driven Light Sources   

LDLS™ EQ-99 Manager   

Energetiq's EQ-99 Manager offers enhanced control of the EQ-99 series Laser-Driven Light Source (LDLS), adding valuable functionality to the brightest, longest lasting, broadband light source available today.

USB Computer Interface

The EQ-99 Manager connects to a computer via USB, allowing for easy control and monitoring of the Laser-Driven Light Source.

LDLS Status Monitoring

The status of the LDLS - including bulb operation hours - can be monitored on a computer, or by the bright LED front-panel display.

Advanced Shutter Control

The EQ-99 Manager includes advanced shutter control with a variety of control modes and a programmable shutter speed. The optional EQ-99 Shutter can be mounted to the window of the EQ-99 or directly to an optical bench.

Universal Power Supply

The EQ-99 Manager houses a universal power supply for worldwide operation without need for a separate power source.


  • Shutter Performance: 100 ms minimum exposure time | 2 Hz maximum cycle rate
  • The EQ-99 Manager is compatible with all the latest EQ-99 products:
    • EQ-99X
    • EQ-99XFC
    • EQ-99CAL
  • Controller Size & Weight (WHD): 215 x 47 x 280 mm | 1.6 kg
  • Power Requirement: 100-240 V, 50/60Hz, 2.5 A

Energetiq's EQ-99 Manager


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