Taranis Amplifier Systems

Taranis Amplifier Systems

Laser amplifier for high average power and high peak power   

Taranis amplifier

  • Flexible amplification technology providing high average power and high peak power
  • Amplifies seed lasers at 1064 nm and 1030 nm
  • Optimised for femtosecond to nanosecond pulsed lasers

Fibercryst offers standalone amplifiers designed for a wide range of seed lasers providing either fibre coupled or free propagation mode inputs. The Taranis amplifier boosts a laser's high average power, high peak power (up to 30 MW) and high pulse energy courtesy of the Taranis Single Crystal Fibre technology. Output is to free space.


Input Laser

  • 100 mW to 50 W
  • 300 fs to CW
  • 0.1 to 100 MHz
  • M2 < 1.3

Pump Diode

  • 808 or 940 nm
  • NA up to 0.22
  • 30 to 200 W
  • Core dia. 100-200 µm

Amplifier output

  • Up to 30 MW peak power
  • Up to 100 W average power
  • Pulse down to 500 fs
  • M2 < 1.3
  • TEM00

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Leading optoelectronics magazine Laser Focus World has published an informative article about Fibercryst's innovative Single Crystal Fiber amplification technology in its February 2017 edition. Read Single crystal fibers amplify power in ultrashort-pulse lasers.

Technologies used in Taranis amplifiers are covered by three international patents


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