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Display Measurement Systems - Gamma Scientific
Capture luminance, contrast and colour    Display Measurement Systems  &..
Integrating Spheres - Gamma Scientific
Integrating spheres from 25 mm to 3 m in diameter    Integrating spheres &nbs..
Portable Spectroradiometers - Gamma Scientific
Ideal for the spectral evaluation of lamps and displays    GS-1160 Handheld Spectr..
RadOMA™ NVIS Spectroradiometer
Leading-edge sensitivity for Night Vision tests RadOMA™ NVIS Spectroradiometer NVIS Spectrorad..
RadOMA™ Spectroradiometers
Wavelength intensity measurement from Gamma Scientific    RadOMA™ Spectroradiomete..
Reflectometers - Gamma Scientific
Semi or fully automatic reflectometry    Reflectometers    Gamma..
SpectralLED Light Sources: RS-7 Series
Versatile LED light source for a very broad range of applications    RS-7 Ser..
Wavemon Optical Meter
Real-time wavelength measurement system     Wavemon™    Sub-n..
Light Sources - Gamma Scientific
Calibrated filament illumination for a broad range of metrology applications    Li..
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