Nano-Cyte™ LC: Motion Control System

Nano-Cyte™ LC: Motion Control System

Automated high precision stabilised motion control system   

Mad City Labs Nano-Cyte™LC   

Nano-Cyte™LC is an image based, platform independent stabilisation system that changes the nature of live cell imaging. Temperature gradients, sample drift, and microscope drift are no longer of concern as Nano-Cyte™ LC affords unprecedented stability in the nanometer regime allowing long term experiments as never before.

  • Active stabilisation for days
  • 3D stabilisation at the nanometer scale
  • Corrects for temperature gradients & drift
  • Simultaneous image acquisition & stabilisation
  • Integrated hardware & automated software control
  • Tracking mode capable of surveying a wide sample area
  • Microscope platform independent

Nano-Cyte™LC is an integrated suite of high precision piezo and motor driven motion control systems with automated, active stabilisation software. This yields image stability within ±10 nm in the X and Y axes, and ± 20 nm in Z axis for days on end. Nano-Cyte™LC is microscope independent and has been designed to interface with external hardware components such as EMCCD cameras, light sources and shutters.

The Nano-Cyte™LC is comprised of a high performance three axis nanopositioning system coupled with a two axis motorised micro-positioning stage. The nanopositioner is a flexure based piezo-actuated design with integrated PicoQ® sensors for absolute position sensing and nanometer precision under closed loop control. The micropositioning stage enables the user to have a large range of travel for surveying samples prior to engaging the active stabilisation. All motion devices are controlled by the Nano-Cyte™ controller. The controller is USB 2.0 enabled and can additionally control other user devices such as EMCCD cameras, lasers and shutters.

The Nano-Cyte™LC software package simultaneously performs image acquisition and stabilisation. The software works seamlessly with the provided hardware and the acquired images can be exported to ImageJ for post acquisition processing. The image stabilisation algorithms are inherent with the image acquistion system.

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