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alpha300 Upgrades and Accessories

alpha300 Upgrades and Accessories
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alpha300 Upgrades and Accessories
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Modular design enables upgrades, updates, or re-tasking   

WITec alpha300 accessories   




Suite FIVE software


DaVinci nanolithogaphy

Over time, a lab and the research it carries out can change. Unfortunately, it is often the case that the existing equipment cannot meet the new challenges.

However, WITec's modular designs enable their alpha300 microscope systems to be upgraded, updated, or re-tasked quickly and conveniently through the following range of upgrades and accessories.

TrueSurface - Award-winning topographic Raman imaging

TruePower - Automated absolute laser power determination

TrueMatch- Integrated Raman spectral database management software

Thermal stages - Heat samples to 1500 °C, or chill to -269 °C

Supports & enclosures
- Reduce acoustic or vibrational noise

Suite FIVE - Data acquisition, evaluation, and processing software

StrobeLock - Time-resolved measurement of fluorescence and luminescence

Scanning Stages - Manual, stepper motor, and piezo stages

Rayshield Coupler - Access the lower wavenumbers

LABView™ - Function interface

DaVinci nanolithogaphy - Precision surface structuring and manipulation

For further information on some of the above products there are downloadable brochures available from the Documents tab above. Alternativley, visit the WITec accessories page using the button below.

As new techniques and technologies emerge, so must new accessories. If you don’t see what you require, let us know so we can discuss it with WITec. They rely on dialogue with the scientific community to ensure WITec provide the most capable and versatile microscopy systems available.


RayShield Coupler

Scanning stages

Thermal stages

Supports & enclosures

WITec website

File Name Size Link
WITec DaVinci Application Note 1.13MiB Download
WITec StrobeLock Product Info 924.33KiB Download
WITec Suite FIVE Software 2.97MiB Download
WITec TrueMatch Brochure 969.52KiB Download
WITec TrueSurface Brochure 1.24MiB Download
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