Micro Laser Systems

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Fibre Collimators: Standard, IR, UV, RGB and Custom - μLS
Standard, UV, RGB and Custom designs    Fibre Collimators    The..
Fibre Coupled Lasers - μLS
SRT-F Series from Micro Laser Systems    Fibre Coupled Lasers    The..
Free Space Lasers - μLS
Free Space Lasers from Micro Laser Systems    Lepton IV Free Space Lasers  ..
OEM Diode Lasers - μLS
High stability lasers with diffraction limited performance    OEM Diode Laser M..
Beam Expanders - μLS
Optimised for UV-Vis, Vis-NIR, or NIR wavebands    Beam Expanders    ..
Fibre Focusers - μLS
Diffraction limited spots at long distances    Fibre Focusers    A..
Multimode Fibre Receiver/Collector - μLS
Gathers light for sensors, detectors, and spectrometers    Multimode Fibre Receiver/..
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