Fibre Coupled Lasers - μLS

Fibre Coupled Lasers - μLS

SRT-F Series from Micro Laser Systems   

Fibre Coupled Lasers   

The SRT-F Series of Thermoelectric Cooled Fibre Coupled Diode Lasers are designed for instrumentation and research applications requiring a high stability laser with a true Gaussian profile output beam. Mode hops are minimised or not existant and the laser can be slightly tuned. Lasers with single mode, multimode or polarisation-maintaining fibre can be provided, with wavelength outputs ranging from 375 to 1550 nm, and powers up to 450 mW.
The package is compact and rugged with a 3 mm durable fibre (US: fiber) cable which is pre-aligned and factory set. An optional 900 micron jacket or stainless steel sheath is also available. The system includes diode laser, coupling optics, fibre, TE cooler, thermistor and heatsink all integrated into a compact package.
With singlemode fibre, the diode laser's output is spatially filtered and Gaussian. This is ideal for applications such as holography, interferometry, free space communications and metrology. Optional polarisation maintaining fibre can also be integrated. Multimode fibre is also available for generating more output power.
A series of high performance collimators complements the laser series to give a Gaussian beam with no distortions along the path. Beam sizes from < 1 mm to 20 mm are standard.


  • Microscopy
  • Fluorescence & Raman spectroscopy
  • Confocal microscopy
  • Particle characterisation
  • High resolution scanners
  • Optical correlators
  • Photo plotters
  • DVD test and write
  • Optical disk testing
  • Printing
  • Interferometry
  • Free space communications

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