OEM Diode Lasers - μLS

OEM Diode Lasers - μLS
OEM Diode Lasers - μLS OEM Diode Lasers - μLS

High stability lasers with diffraction limited performance   

OEM Diode Laser Modules    

Lepton IV Series

  • 375 to 1550 nm, and custom wavelengths
  • Up to 240 mW output
  • Circular Gaussian beam
  • Modular, with optional temperature control
  • CW, pulsed or modulated

For the more demanding of applications, a high stability laser with diffraction limited performance is often required. Micro Laser Systems can supply a broad choice of wavelengths with their Lepton IV OEM diode laser series.

The low wavefront error enables focusing onto micron and sub-micron spot sizes, or the generation of a large clean beam illumination. You will not need to compensate for any imperfections of the source again. Each laser has a circular Gaussian beam with high output stability.

There are ample threaded mounting holes for securing the laser, and the low operating power ensures your product can be a low voltage instrument.

OEM lasers are available in a choice of standard or custom wavelengths between 375 and 1550 nm, and with or without temperature control depending on the application.


Wavelength (nm) 375 to 1550
Beam size (mm) 2 or 4
Beam divergence (mrad) < 0.7
Wavefront error < 1/10 wave
Output power Model dependent, Adjustable
Modulation DC to 2 MHz
Power stability < ± 1%
External control Analogue (0 to 2 V)
Power requirements 5 or 8 Vdc | 100 mA

Muon II Series

Muon II Series laser modules

  • 400 to 850 nm
  • Up to 50 mW adjustable output
  • Circular beam
  • Small module
  • CW, pulsed or modulated

The Muon II Series modules provide high optical power from a small package, ideal for integration into instrumentation. The highly stable, circular output beam is normally continuous wave (CW), but can be modulated at a frequency of up to 3 kHz.

The module's front aperture is threaded to accept accessories such as focusing optics, filters, polarisers or beam expanders. There are also threaded holes to enable surface or top mounting.


Wavelength (nm) 405 to 850
Output power up to 50 mW, adjustable
Beam diameter 3 to 4 mm (1 to 2 mm optional)
Beam divergence (mrad) 0.8 (1 for 2 mm beam)
Mode TEM00
Modulation CW to 3 kHz
Power requirements 5 to 12 Vdc, 200 mA
Dimensions (mm) 25.4 x 22.8 x 57.1
Weight 0.063 kg

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