NoIR Laser

NoIR LaserShields Protective Eyewear
  • Polymer Laser Safety Eyewear
  • Glass Laser Safety Eyewear
  • Broad range of filters
  • Reusable Eye Shields
  • Window filters
NoIR manufactures internationally-certified laser safety eyewear for medical, military, aviation, aerospace, scientific, telecom, and industrial applications. Established in 1996 as an off-shoot of NoIR Medical Technologies, NoIR Laser Company, L.L.C. has emerged as one of the leaders in the supply of safety eyewear for protection against coherent and non-coherent light sources.

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UV-Visible Filters from NoIR LaserShields

  •  Filters for UV to Visible
  •  Broad choice of frames
  •  CE certified (EN207/208)



IR Filters from NoIR LaserShields

  •  Filters for IR
  •  Broad choice of frames
  •  CE certified (EN207/208)



Visual Alignment Filters from NoIR LaserShields

  •  Filters for visual alignment
  •  Broad choice of frames
  •  CE certified (EN207/208)



UV Protection Filters from NoIR LaserShields

  •  Filters for UV Protection
  •  Broad choice of frames
  •  CE certified (EN170)



Patient, Pilot Protection & Low OD Filters from NoIR LaserShields

  •  Filters for patients, pilots & with low optical density (OD)
  •  Broad choice of frames
  •  CE certified (EN207/208)



Frames & Styles from NoIR LaserShields

  •  Spectacles & Goggles
  •  Lightweight & comfortable
  •  CE certified


We welcome the opportunity to work with you on developing solutions for your specific needs, whether for a small project or for large quantity OEM volumes. We have the flexibility to develop prototypes and the manufacturing expertise to produce in large volume.

Please call with your needs or ideas: we’re here to help.

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