DRB - NoIR LaserShields® Filter for Erbium 2940 combinations

DRB - NoIR LaserShields® Filter for Erbium 2940 combinations

CE-certified filter for IR: Erbium 2940 combinations   

Filter for IR: DRB   

The following specification and associated spectral curve is for guidance only. For more detailed information and professional advice, please contact us.

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The price shown below includes any style of frame. Most frames are black, but some styles are also available in white - see below.

If you purchase this product online, please include the frame style number and colour (if applicable) of your choice in the box labeled Add Comments About Your Order found in Step 4 of checkout page.

Filter %VLT   EN207 λ (nm) Mode Rating   OD λ (nm) Docs  
DRB 0.61   190-315 D LB7   6+ 190-390 Cert.  
      190-315 IR LB4   5+ 785-830 Data  
  Pink     >315-390 DIRM LB5   6+ 800-818    
        785-830 D LB4   5+ 2700-2950    
        785-830 IR LB5          
        800-818 D LB4          
        800-818 IR LB6          
        2780-2940 DI LB2          


Frames and Styles


Elliot Scientific recommends you consult your laser safety officer, appropriate laser safety standards and laser system documentation to ensure correct choice of eyewear and safe laser use. As eyewear offers protection only against incidental exposure to specified beam energies, the incorrect choice and use of eyewear may lead to serious personal injury or blindness.

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