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Optical Xplorer - the Fibre Optic Multimeter

Optical Xplorer - the Fibre Optic Multimeter
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Optical Xplorer - the Fibre Optic Multimeter
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  • Model: EXFO Optical Xplorer

Link verification and embedded fault tracking   

Optical Explorer - the OX1, a Fibre Optic Multimeter   


  • Fibre health check-up
  • Power level testing
  • Insertion loss and ORL testing
  • Fibre break location
  • Last mile/access network installation and repair
  • Fault identification and location:
    • Splices
    • Connectors
    • Macrobends
  • FTTx service activation
  • FTTx last mile installation, repair and in-service testing

EXFO's OX1 Optical Xplorer™ has been explicitly designed to simplify testing by using streamlined procedures to reduce downtime.

As the industry’s first optical fibre multimeter (OFM), this new purpose-built tools empowers technicians to effectively carry out installation, activation and repair operations.

Optical Xplorer speeds up link health verification with embedded fault tracking — all in one single-ended test that’s quick and easy. It is highly intuitive and easy to use for any technician regardless of experience in fibre optics or other technologies (such as copper or DSL).

This handheld instrument goes beyond basic testing as compared to typical power meters and fault locators. It offers a brand new testing approach powered by multiple pending patents, delivering overall link quality and highlighting any potential faults.

Optical Xplorer measures insertion loss (IL), optical return loss (ORL) and fibre length in a few seconds, and also offers power checking and light source capabilities in a rugged and compact form factor.

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