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In-vivo Optogenetics Products
Setups for Optogenetics    In-vivo products for optogenetics Prizmatix offer&nb..
In-vitro Optogenetics Products
Modules for Optogenetics    In-vitro products for optogenetics Prizmatix offer&..
Ultra High Power Collimated LED Light Sources
High-power LED Light Sources from 365 to 730 nm    Prizmatix High & Ultra High..
Microscopy LED Light Sources
Microscopy LED Light Sources    Prizmatix Microscopy LED Light Sources&n..
Fibre-coupled LED Light Sources
Modular Fibre-coupled LED Light Sources from 365 to 630 nm    Prizmatix Fibre..
Light Guide Coupled LED Light Sources
Light Guide Coupled LED Light Sources    Prizmatix Light Guide Coupled LED Sources..
Fixed Wavelength Benchtop Fibre-coupled LED Light Sources
Fixed Wavelength Benchtop Fibre Coupled LED Light Sources from 365 to 940 nm    Pr..
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