Optical Sampling Oscilloscopes (PSO Series)

Optical Sampling Oscilloscopes (PSO Series)

Optical signals over fibre analysis from EXFO   

PSO Series Equipment   

With the advent of new advanced modulation schemes that enable transmission of high-speed optical signals over fibre, research centres, network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) - and even carriers - will need new test instruments to properly characterise these signals.
EXFO's well-regarded, but now discontinued, PSO-100 Series of Optical Sampling Oscilloscopes was a starting point for development of the PSO-200 Optical Modulation Analyser, an instrument that uses optical sampling technology to allow for the complete characterisation of random or repetitive digital signals up to 100 GBd.

PSO-200 Optical Modulation AnalyserEXFO PSO-200 Optical Modulation Analyser

  • Dual-polarisation transmission compatible
  • No external clock/trigger needed
  • Large, high-res touchscreen for quality graphics and easy control
  • Interface adapts to any data modulation scheme

Based on the recognised optical sampling approach of the PSO-100 Series Optical Sampling Oscilloscopes (see below), the PSO-200 uses an all-optical design to enable complete characterisation of waveforms and random or repetitive digital signals up to 100 GBd.


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