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Reflectometers - Gamma Scientific

Reflectometers - Gamma Scientific
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Reflectometers - Gamma Scientific
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Semi or fully automatic reflectometry   


Gamma Scientific reflectometer systems are ideal for manufacturers who need to obtain fast and accurate reflectance measurements for flat panel display glass, anti-reflection coating inspection, touchscreen display glass, optical filters and lens coatings.

  • Semi or fully automated
  • Thin substrates: 0.5 mm plus
  • Performs single sided inspection on the first glass surface
  • Millisecond scan times
  • Specular and/or diffuse reflectance options
  • Angular reflectance measurement options cover:
    • 380 to 1700 nm or
    • 200 to 2000 nm

With semi-automatic and fully automated options, Gamma Scientific reflectometers have tremendous flexibility and can be used for R&D, QA and production line testing.
Non-destructive, complete spectral and colourimetric properties can be measured on substrates as thin as 0.5 mm in milliseconds.


Head SystemAutomated SystemSystem Software
Calibrated glass sampleIsolated 1st surface reflectance measurement of thin glassProgrammable, multi-location reflectance measurement
Viewing eyepieceComplete spectral analysisReal-time a*, b* colour chart
Minimum included angle of 20°
(10° incidence angle)
Programmable multi-location measurementBinning and Pass/Fail compatibility
Fixed and variable angle modelsMillisecond measurement speedAutomated calibration
Diffuse and specular reflectanceTest coating uniformity and colourSimultaneous 10° and 45° measurements
Fibre-optic coupling to measurement equipmentFull cycle testing for R&D/ProductionBarcode reader option
Regulated quartz halogen lampSingle-sided inspection 
Angular Reflectance measurements from 380-1700 nm (200-2000 nm with 191Q)Binning and Pass/Fail compatibility 
 Simultaneous 10° and 45° measurements 
 Manual loading and unloading of samples 

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