Neoptix OptiLink Software

Neoptix OptiLink Software

Versatile control and datalogging software   

Neoptix OptiLink Software   

The Neoptix OptiLink software allows use of your fiber optic temperature monitoring system in a highly flexible manner. OptiLink features direct data logging of the temperature information acquired by the signal conditioners and also the full remote control of up to four instruments using a PC.
OptiLink's built-in functions allow real-time visualisation on the PC of the temperature on bar graphs or strip charts. It is possible to adjust the refreshing rate and the scale of the information displayed. Channels can be individually enabled and customised by the user. For example, each probe can have its own name, description and colour.


  • Support up to 4 systems on 4 COM ports
  • Each channel is independent
  • Full min/max alarm support
  • Full data logging functions
  • Bar-graph, trend-line or statistics display

OptiLink features direct data logging into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, saving the task of converting files. Data can also be saved to a variety of other standard formats.
OptiLink supports simultaneous acquisition of temperature data from up to 4 independent signal conditioners on up to 4 serial ports (COM1 to COM32). Each one of these thermometers is connected via PC COM ports through an RS-232C, RS-485, or USB serial interface.
The software also provides a graphical user interface for the setup and configuration of the signal conditioners. OptiLink allows for the configuration of the span and zero baseline of analogue outputs on each channel of the signal conditioners as well as probe correction of offsets and calibration. It is also possible to set alarms based on a minimum and maximum temperature, a feature essential for temperature monitoring of critical experiments.
OptiLink is compatible with Neoptix's Nomad, HandyFlex, Reflex and T/Guard fibre optic signal conditioners.
Neoptix is now a Qualitrol Company.


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