Magnetic Bases, Feet, and Strips

Magnetic Bases, Feet, and Strips
Magnetic Bases, Feet, and Strips Magnetic Bases, Feet, and Strips Magnetic Bases, Feet, and Strips Magnetic Bases, Feet, and Strips

Components for anchoring or positioning attachments   

Magnetic Bases, Feet, and Strips   

Positioning items on isolation tables lacking mounting holes or any magnetic surface is made easier with these Siskiyou bases, feet and strips.

BasesMGB Magnetic Base

MGB magnetic bases are designed to be used as a stable mounting platform for mounting 331 stages, 831 stages, MX312P platforms, or MX3T tilt platforms among others. The 3" inch square footprint offers a greater surface area and is more stable than similar magnetic bases.

Two versions are offered: the standard MGB-3.0, and the low-profile MGB-3.0lp.

MGB30LP Low Profile Magnetic BaseThe Siskiyou MGB-3.0 magnetic base has three sides, each with nine M6 or ¼-20 mounting holes depending model ordered.

The MGB-3.0lp is a low profile version with a single top plate featuring nine metric or imperial threaded holes depending on model ordered. This magnetic base is also compatible with MX-AP series top adaptor plates. These allow the experimenter to remove and replace equipment accurately and simply by loosening two flathead screws.


Designed to be used mainly with Siskiyou MS series magnetic strips, the small (25 mm / 1" diameter) MGB series magnetic bases are manufactured from stainless steel. There are four tapped versions, with M4, M6, 8-32, and ¼-20 threads.

MGF magnetic feet are also available. These have been designed to be used as a stable attachment point for Siskiyou AS series spacers and PSR series platform support rods. The simple design is ideal for securely holding equipment and can be used individually or in multiples when more strength or a wider footprint is needed.

StripsMS4 Magnetic Strip

MS series magnetic strips allow the user to create a magnetic interface on non-magnetic surfaces. They are made from magnetic stainless steel in either 4" or 6" lengths, and are a cost-effective alternative to solid steel platforms. The mounting holes accept either M6 or ¼-20 flathead screws (included) set at regular intervals. The strips can be used individually or in multiples when more grip is required.

Full details of this range and its accessories can be found in the Siskiyou catalogue below.

Siskiyou Corporation has been producing popular laboratory mechanicals for over 40 years; designing from the outset with quality and flexibility in mind.

Siskiyou do not aim at single disciplines, such as Photonics or Life Sciences, but craft their products to provide end users with the modular tools for constructing systems that are only limited by their imagination.

These concepts have ensured Siskiyou components outperform and outlast competitive products.

For more information, you can download the full Siskiyou catalogue here


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