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Custom and Specialist Mounts
Electro-Optical Device Mount, Pitch & Yaw Platforms, & Laser Diode Positioners  &n..
Dovetail Rail System
Rails & Rail Carriers: 25 mm or 50 mm    Dovetail rail system in two sizes for..
Dovetail Slides with up to 42 mm (1⅔") of travel
Single and multi-axis compact dovetail slides    Dovetail Slides with up to 42 mm (1⅔")..
Fibre Couplers
Siskiyou mechanisms for aligning lasers with fibre-optics    Fibre Couplers &..
Fibre Positioners
3 and 5-axis translators for a fibre-optic    Fibre Positioners    ..
Gimbal Mounts: Standard, Polarising & Cylindrical Lens
Gimbal mounts in various types, sizes and grades    Gimbal mounts for up to 50 mm (2") ..
IXF Series Flexure Mounts
A monolithic flexure mount range for optics up to 4" in diameter    IXF Series &nb..
Kinematic Mirror Mounts up to 50 mm (2")
Kinematic mirror mounts in various sizes and grades    Kinematic mirror mounts for up t..
Lab jack systems with up to 76 mm of lift
Light and heavy-duty vertical positioning systems    Manual lab jacks with up to 76 mm ..
Linear Stages with up to 100 mm (4") Travel
Single-axis translation stages with a range of bearing options    Linear Stages with up..
Mirror Mounts
Fixed and adjustable holders for reflective optics    Mirror Mounts  &nb..
Multi-axis Lens Positioners
2-, 3- and 5-axis optical translators    Multi-axis Lens Positioners  &n..
Multi-axis Stages with up to 50 mm (1.97") of travel
Multi-axis stages of various size and configuration    Multi-axis stages with up to 50 ..
MX10 Dovetail 4-axis Manipulators - 10 mm Travel
A range of dovetail slide 4-axis manipulators for life scientists    MX10 Series &..
MX110 Post Mounted 4-axis Manipulators - 22 mm Travel
A range of post mounted 4-axis manipulators for life scientists    MX110 Series&nb..
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