Dr Scott Monaghan, researcher at UCC Tyndall Micronano Electronics, specialises in materials science to aid nanoelectronics. He recently co-authored a paper on Quantum confinement-induced semimetal-to-semiconductor evolution in large-area ultra-thin PtSe2 films grown at 400 °C and wrote to us praising the benefits the Lake Shore Cryotronics Model 8404 AC/DC Hall-effect Measurement System (HMS) we supplied has brought to the team's research.

The paper covers a comprehensive theoretical and experimental study of quantum confinement in layered platinum diselenide (PtSe2) films as a function of film thickness. The researchers' electrical measurements, in combination with density functional theory calculations, show distinct layer-dependent semimetal-to-semiconductor evolution in PtSe2 films, and highlight the importance of including van der Waals interactions, Green’s function calibration, and screened Coulomb interactions in determination of the thickness-dependent PtSe2 energy gap.

You can read the full paper here on Nature.com