Narrow Linewidth Lasers

Narrow Linewidth Lasers

Ultra-stable and with a large mode hop-free tuning range   

Vescent Narrow Linewidth Lasers   

Vescent narrow linewidth CW lasers are constructed without moving parts or piezos, and with very short laser cavities. This unique combination provides Vescent narrow linewidth lasers with a large mode hop-free tuning range and immunity to vibration.
Unlike conventional external cavity diode lasers, Vescent lasers can be injection current tuned over many GHz, enabling high speed frequency agility and very fast servo control for locking. Consequently, as the servo feedback is both fast (many MHz which is > acoustic frequencies) and long range (many GHz of injection current tuning), the locks are especially robust against acoustic or vibration challenges.

D2-100-DBR Laser Module

  • Available Centre Wavelengths (nm):
       767, 770, 780, 795, 852, 895, 920, 976, 1064, and 1083
  • Output Power: Up to 300 mW depending on wavelength
  • 40 GHz Mode Hop-Free Tuning via High Bandwidth Injection Current

The D2-100-DBR laser module provides a highly agile, mechanically robust laser in a 100 x 100 mm footprint. Included are a distributed Bragg reflector (DBR) laser diode packaged in a precision temperature-controlled module with beam conditioning optics (anamorphic prism pair) and a 35 dB optical isolator.

DBR laser diodes are fabricated with the feedback grating patterned directly adjacent to the gain section of the diode. They are highly insensitive to vibrations and, by virtue of a short (~1 mm) cavity, can be current tuned over more than 40 GHz mode hop-free. As a result, the laser is capable of fast servo control with the D2-125 Reconfigurable Servo or other loop filters for easy locking to atomic and molecular transitions. Moreover, the module contains no moving parts or piezo-electrics and is therefore inherently robust and rugged. The laser diode output is collimated with a 0.55 NA lens mounted to a movable plate for pointing adjustments.

DBR lasers have 2-3 times larger temperature and current tuning coefficients than external-cavity diode lasers (ECDLs). This agility is accurately controlled by employing two stages of temperature control and driving the injection current with a precision, D2-105 Low-noise Current Controller with fast servo input. Therefore, D2-100 lasers respond faster to environmental challenges than conventional ECDLs.

A high-power version of this widely used, versatile laser is now available, offering over 100 mW of tuneable light at 780.24 nm to cover the D2 transitions of Rubidium. The new D2-100-DBR-780-HP1 also offers an improved linewidth of < 500 kHz.

These lasers are designed to be current- and temperature-stabilised and locked to atomic transitions. The D2-125 Reconfigurable Servo can tightly lock the D2-100 series lasers, reducing linewidth and eliminating frequency drift. The D2-110 Spectroscopy Module can supply the saturated absorption signal that serves as the frequency reference for locking. A second D2-100 laser can be offset phase locked to a master laser using the D2-135 Offset Phase Lock Servo.

A number of papers have been published by scientists around the globe who have used a Vescent Technologies' D2-100 laser in their research. Here are some examples:


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