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July 2015.....

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New OEM LDLSTM is the latest ultra-bright performer from Energetiq

Energetiq Logo

Energetiq EQ-99XFC LDLS

Energetiq introduced the new EQ-400 high power, ultra-bright Laser-Driven Light Source (LDLS) at the recent Laser World of Photonics in Munich.
Based on the existing highly successful LDLS series, the EQ-400 offers the highest radiance and irradiance available in a true broadband white light source. The EQ-400 features a compact lamp housing built with clean construction techniques to ensure long lamp life and stability. With a 170-2100 nm wavelength range, and a choice of dual-beam output or a single-beam output with retro-reflector, the EQ-400 is suitable for a wide variety of applications.

  • High spectral radiance: > 100 mW/ from 100 m aperture
  • Spectral power: > 10 mW/nm from a 500 m aperture
  • Very low noise: < 0.02%
  • Small plasma: 300 x 800 m FWHM

If you have an OEM application that requires stable and ultra-bright illumination, please contact us as we have the solution.

New additions to laser safety filters from NoIR LaserShields

NoIR HOY LaserShield

NoIR LaserShields

NoIR LaserShields has had ten of their existing filters for laser safety CE-approved. These are the: 10, 50, 60, 90, 92, 5032, 6032, RT1, RT2 and YG4.
NoIR also revealed, at the recent Laser World of Photonics exhibition, a breakthrough polymer filter for Holmium-doped fibre lasers operating between 2 and 3 microns - the HOY.
NoIR have been manufacturing high-quality internationally-certified safety eyewear for the protection of laser users in a broad range of fields and applications for many years now, offering protection from:

  • UV, visible, and IR lasers
  • Multiple waveband devices
  • Therapeutic and cosmetic treatments (Patients and Clinicians)
  • Laser pens (Pilots and Police)

Elliot Scientific's expert advice will guide you to the best in cost-effective laser safety. From academics, beauticians and clinicians... we protect the alphabet of laser users.
Contact us with details of your laser or application and we will be happy to help you choose the correct filters, spectacle frames or goggles.

Sensitive magnetometry for physics and the biological sciences from Tristan Technologies

Laboratory SQUID systems

Tristan Technologies delivers world-leading SQUID sensors through their superior performance iMAG range. Magnetic sensing applications, such as materials analysis and biomagnetism, can benefit from Tristan's sensors, instrumentation and electronics. 
The iMAG series of SQUID components includes microprocessor-based multichannel control electronics and advanced fibre optic linked flux-locked loop circuits. Tristan manufactures complete SQUID systems based on either low-temperature or high-temperature technology. For in-depth information, please contact us.

International Year of Light: Events to end of August

International Year Logo

Light Fantastic: Adventures in the Science of Light
Bradford: From July 18th

Centre for Quantum Photonics Summer School
Bristol: August 3rd to 7th

Complex Nanophotonics Science Camp
Windsor Great Park: August 18th to 20th

Need to measure light or colour? Then have a look at Gamma Scientific

Honeywell Sperian adds laser filters for several wavebands

Honeywell Sperian

Honeywell Sperian

Honeywell Sperian has recently introduced new filters for the following wavebands:

  • Vis-IR
  • Near IR
  • Alexandrite-Diode-YAG combos
  • CO2

Honeywell Sperian offer a broad range of laser eye protection products:

  • UV, Visible, and Infrared filters
  • Multiple waveband filters
  • Protection for patients, pilots and police
  • Sheet material and barrier systems
  • A wide range of stylish spectacle frames and comfortable goggles

If you need advice choosing the correct filter, our experts are on hand and ready to help. Contact us with details of your laser's performance and we will recommend suitable protection.

New coating options for NuSensor fibres: Carbon/Acrylate or Carbon/Polyimide

Nufern products

Nufern has expanded its NuSENSOR product line that features graded index multimode (MM) fibres designed for Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS), and single-mode (SM) fibres designed for Distributed Temperature and Strain Sensing (DTSS) and Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) based sensors. Both the MM and SM fibres are available with polyimide coverings and either pure silica or germanium doped core glass compositions.
Nufern is now offering these fibres with composite coatings: carbon/acrylate for temperatures up to 150 C, or carbon/polyimide for up to 300 C, making them also ideal for H2 rich environments. Details about the NuSENSOR range can be obtained by contacting us.

Forthcoming events: September is going to be a busy month for Elliot Scientific...

QuAMP 2015 logo

QuAMP 2015
September 2nd - 3rd: Brighton

Laser World of Photonics India logo

Laser World of Photonics India
September 9th - 11th: New Delhi

Quantum 2015 logo

Quantum UK 2015
September 28th - 30th: Oxford

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