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March 2015.....

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New CODIXX colorPol® Polariser Brochures

CODIXX colorPol


The CODIXX range of tough, dichroic glass-based colorPol® polarisers pass or stop polarised light, modulate or reduce brightness, diminish noise and lots more. With over two dozen standard colorPol® versions available for use throughout the UV, VIS, NIR and mid-IR wavelength ranges, CODIXX have released two catalogues to help you choose the right polariser for your application.

CODIXX colorPol® polarisers deliver:

  • High contrast ratios
  • High transmittance values
  • Large acceptance angles
  • Resistance to UV radiation and chemicals
  • Resistance to temperatures up to +400 °C

The colorPol® catalogue is supplemented with a High Transmission brochure especially for the optical telecoms industry.

Please contact us for technical specifications, and details about standard and custom options.

Atom Optics & Spectroscopy benefit from Photodigm Laser Diodes

Spectroscopy Certified™

Photodigm for Spectroscopy Certified products

  • Rb - Rubidium
  • K - Potassium
  • Cs - Caesium
  • Metastable He

Photodigm specialises in manufacturing high power single spatial and longitudinal mode laser diodes. By incorporating their proprietary DBR - Distributed Bragg Reflector - technology within a monolithic architecture, Photodigm delivers unequalled performance for researchers requiring excellent spectral purity and superior beam quality with high output powers, whilst ensuring long term reliability and stability. Typical high-resolution spectroscopy applications include:

  • Atomic and Molecular Optical Physics
  • Cold Atom Spectroscopy & Precision Instrumentation, for example:
      Photodigm logo
    • Advanced gravimeters
    • Magnetometers
    • Atomic clocks
    • Gyroscopes
  • Raman Spectroscopy, Interferometry, Lidar and Metrology

With a narrow linewidth on the order of 1 MHz, and powers up to 300 mW, Photodigm DBR lasers are uniquely suited to numerous precision projects.
For more information about Photodigm laser diodes, please contact us.

SU2P Symposium opens next week

University of St. Andrews

SU2P Logo

Next week, Elliot Scientific's roadshow team will be setting up their expo table at the SU2P Symposium. This will be the sixth in this series of annual events, taking place over two days (23rd and 24th March) at The University of St. Andrews.

The Symposium will again include a list of exceptional speakers from around the world who will present details of leading edge research and industrial exploitation over a wide range of photonics and related topics. Attendees will enjoy the very best in new photonics, get to see Elliot Scientific products at the parallel exhibition, and have excellent opportunities for international networking.

SU2P was developed to build enduring relationships and form the basis of a network which helps to sustain the economic impact of photonics in both the UK and California. It is a partnership between the California Institute of Technology, Glasgow University, Heriot-Watt University, Stanford University, the University of St. Andrews, the University of Strathclyde, LINC Scotland and the ESP KTN.

International Year of Light: Events to end of April

International Year of Light logo

Talking Science: The Light Fantastic
Diamond Light Source Oxford, March 20th

Science & Magic of Light, the Universe and Everything
Edinburgh: March 28th

How to be brilliant: with Neil Knowles
London: April 28th

Need to measure light or colour? Then have a look at Gamma Scientific

µLS put emphasis on diffraction limited circular beams

Micro Laser Systems Collimators

Micro Laser Systems Laser Diodes

Micro Laser Systems (µLS) manufacture diode laser modules and instruments with an emphasis on optical packaging to provide diffraction limited, circular beams with low wavefront error and low divergence. Options allow for large collimated beams or sub-micron focused spots.
Among the products µLS offer are:

    Micro Laser Systems logo
  • Fibre collimators
  • Fibre focusers
  • Multimode fibre Receiver/Collector
  • Free space lasers
  • Fibre-coupled lasers
  • Wavelengths up to 1600 nm
  • High performance diode lasers

Micro Laser Systems also produce diode laser drivers and TEC controllers in both bench-top and OEM versions. Visit our µLS product pages or contact us for more details.

FLEX™ from CRAIC Technologies - a superior solution for analytical challenges

FLEX, a UV-visible-NIR microspectrophotometer designed to be flexible in configuration, capability and pricing, has been launched by CRAIC Technologies.
Tailored for cost effective multiple spectroscopic analysis of many types of microscopic samples, FLEX™ operates from the deep ultraviolet to the near infrared. Depending upon the configuration, samples can be quickly and accurately analysed by absorbance, reflectance, luminescence and fluorescence.
FLEX™ can also image microscopic samples directly via its DirecVu™ optics and grab high resolution digital colour stills. Additional options include a measurement capability for refractive indices and thin film thickness. FLEX™ is a multi-functional tool for the laboratory or factory, offering superior solutions for analytical challenges.

For further details on this and other CRAIC products, please contact us.

Next month, meet Elliot Scientific at...

Traffex 2015 Logo

OPIE 15 Laser Expo Logo

Traffex 2015: NEC Birmingham
April 21st-23rd

OPIE'15 Laser Expo: Pacifico Yokohama, Japan
April 22nd-24th

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