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May 2015.....

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New 3-Channel Piezo Controller from Elliot Scientific

E1100 Piezo Controller Amplifier

E1100 Piezo Controller Amplifier

MDE123/MDE125 Piezo Flexure Stage

The all new E1100 Piezo Controller is an open loop, three channel amplifier suitable for driving low voltage (up to 150 V) piezo actuators and stacks. The E1100 has been especially designed to incorporate the latest technologies, and combines low noise and outstanding stability with a high power output. This makes it ideal for open loop, high resolution control of piezoelectric devices, in particular, the MDE123 and MDE125 Piezo-driven Flexure Stages by Elliot|Martock.

Key features

  • USB interface
  • Output noise: < 50 µVRMS
  • Output stability: < 0.01% over 16 hours
  • Voltage control by BNC, potentiometer, or USB

The E1100 is equipped with a digital front panel display and three methods per channel for input voltage control. These are: high-resolution BNC inputs, potentiometers, and a USB 2.0 interface. One or more of these methods can be employed, however all inputs are summed together to produce the 0-150 V output.
The rear panel features the Windows™-compatible USB port for 16-bit digital voltage commands. Software drivers, LabVIEW examples, a LabVIEW tutorial, and C# graphic user interface are all included. LabVIEW and C# examples are open source and can be used as a starting point for user defined routines. The rear panel also contains the three BNC output connectors for interfacing to the user's piezo devices.
Although designed mainly for benchtop use, a rack mount option is available for purchase. Please contact us for full specifications and pricing information.

See the new controllers at Laser World of Photonics in Munich next month    Hall B3 Booth 260

Gamma Scientific Thin Film Measurement Systems for High Volume Testing

Gamma Scientific Logo

Thin Film Measurement Systems


Thin Film Measurement Systems

Gamma Scientific's Thin Film Measurement Systems deliver a number of unique features that maximise production line uptime and enable faster inspection of components.
By blocking bottom surface reflection on transparent substrates, Gamma Scientific's spectral gonioreflectance measurements save time and money by measuring only the first surface reflection - without the need to cut, blacken, or coarse grind the second surface of the sample under test.
Gamma Scientific thin film measurement systems also excel in high volume testing applications where speed is crucial. Systems feature industry leading spectroradiometer performance, fast algorithms and optimised mechanics and optics. Typical applications are:

  • Mobile & Wearable Devices
  • Anti-Reflective Coatings
  • LED Lighting
  • Multi-Function Displays
  • Touchscreen Devices
  • CMOS Image Sensors
  • Photovoltaic/Solar Cells
  • Head Up Displays

For more information about these Thin Film Measurement Systems available from Gamma Scientific, contact us now.

Diode-pumped fibre amplifiers and lasers from IPG Photonics

Ytterbium Doped Fibre Lasers Amplifiers

Thulium Doped Fibre Lasers Amplifiers

Link to IPG products IPG Photonics offers reliable diode-pumped amplifiers and lasers using Ytterbium, Erbium, or Thulium doped optical fibres as gain media. All are compact, air-cooled and use direct diode pumping for optimum efficiency.
IPG designed and manufactured, these commercial/non-telecommunications lasers are used in a broad range of OEM and lab applications such as optical tweezers and trapping, graphics and imaging, marking and materials processing, remote sensing and research, medical and defence.
Elliot Scientific can supply continuous wave (CW), linearly and randomly polarised, standard linewidth or single frequency diode-pumped solid-state fibre lasers, as well as diode-pumped fibre amplifiers, with up to 20 W output power.
IPG’s advanced fibre devices are a quantum leap forward, providing the best in diode-pumped solid-state reliability and performance. To determine the ideal fibre laser for your application, please contact us.

Vescent Photonics ICE™: Integrated Control Electronics

Vescent Electrical Modules


ICE & 4 Lasers

Precise control and stabilisation of a broad range of semiconductor lasers and an associated array of photonics tools is possible via the Vescent Photonics ICE™ system.
ICE, short for Integrated Control Electronics, is easy to integrate into a variety of systems. For example: gravity, magnetic or inertial sensor applications, quantum computing and cryptography systems, or atomic clock, BEC and cold atom experiments can all benefit.
ICE is a compact suite of digitally controlled analog electronics that will drive, frequency and temperature stabilise, and offset lock DBR or DFB lasers. It offers the following features:

    Link to products from Vescent Photonics
  • Precise laser control and stabilisation
  • Control up to four locked lasers
  • Current and Temperature control
  • Frequency locking
  • Offset locking
  • Beat Note detection
  • Serial commands or GUI

Contact us now for more information, or download a datasheet detailing an ICE-controlled four-laser system (lower photo).

International Year of Light: Events to end of June

Making light work for you
Birmingham: May 19th

Optical Demands of Astronomy
Edinburgh, June 16th

Edinburgh: June 26th to July 26th

Need to measure light or colour? Then have a look at Gamma Scientific

Next month, meet Elliot Scientific at...

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Photonex Roadshow Scotland: University of Strathclyde
3rd June 2015
Stand S3

Laser World of Photonics: Messe München, Germany
22nd-25th June 2015
Hall B3 Booth 260

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