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April 2017  

The Elliot Scientific April 2017 Newsletter: In this issue we get a bigger picture of Mad City Labs' RM21™ microscope platform, find out how EXFO's latest LTB-8 modular test system garnered industry praise, look forward to Lake Shore Cryotronics' release of their new Model 155 MeasureReady™ precision I/V source, and discover how green laser light from IPG Photonics aids research, plus OPIE, INTERMAG and the Scottish Universities Physics Alliance events.

The RM21™ Microscope Platform by Mad City Labs: Get the bigger picture

As Elliot Scientific has just completed another custom RM21™ microscope platform installation, we thought you might like to see the hi-res photo of it.

The precision manufactured RM21™ from Mad City Labs offers maximum user accessibility and more opportunities to develop configurable instruments with ease. Consequently, scientists in the global microscopy community have recognised its invaluable contribution towards their research.

The RM21™ is the ideal platform for a range of microscopy applications such as super resolution (SR) microscopy, fluorescence microscopy and TIRF. Easy alignment of microscopy and optical components is achieved within its three dimensional space as all posts and fixturing points are referenced to a known datum.

The standard RM21™ includes a precision platform and an axial, motorised Z-axis for objective positioning. The Z-axis has a travel range of 50 mm (2") with a 95 nm step size. Other options are also available so, for more information, do contact us.

New LTB-8 Platform from EXFO receives praise from industry judging panel

LTB-8 Rackmount Platform
EXFO logo
Plug-in test modules

EXFO has released their next-generation modular test system in the form of the LTB-8 Rackmount Platform (with video), a versatile solution that addresses the many testing requirements found within today's data networks.

The LTB-8's small format, ultra-powerful processor and highly intuitive interface gives the lab user an optimised instrument to run dedicated test applications simply and efficiently for technologies such as Ethernet, OTN, Fibre Channel, SONET/SDH and more.

  • In-rack or tabletop
  • 8 hot-swappable modules
  • RAID data storage
  • USB, LAN, Sync and AMT ports
  • High performance on-board computer
  • Multi-user and remote access capability

It impressed the judges at this year's Lightwave Innovation Reviews by being an "excellent product with technical features and performance that provide clear and substantial benefits" in the Lab/Production Test Equipment category.

An upgrade path for existing users of the IQS-600 modular test platform has been mapped out by EXFO, enabling migration from the old to the new. For details and trade-in offers, please contact us.

Lake Shore introduces new Model 155 Precision I/V Source

Model 155
Smartphone control
Lake Shore logo

Lake Shore have announced the new Model 155 MeasureReady precision I/V source. Ideal for demanding scientific applications requiring a precise low-noise supply of current or voltage, for example electronic material characterisation, the Model 155 will be shipping later this year.

Supplying 1 W maximum from DC to 100 kHz over a broad output range, these power supplies deliver a solid foundation for I/V curve, Hall effect, and other fundamental measurements.

The clutter-free touch display with a unique TiltView™ screen presents a natural and engaging user interface. No confusing buttons or long learning curves make the Model 155 as easy to use as a smartphone. With similar connectivity - Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, plus LAN - it offers convenient remote operation via LabVIEW™, a custom PC interface, or mobile app.

Please contact us for more information, or download the datasheet.

Green Lasers from IPG Photonics aid science and medical research

IPG Green Lasers
IPG Green Laser head

IPG Photonics makes a number of fibre laser systems available specifically to the research community.

CW Green Fibre Lasers
A variety of science and medical research applications can benefit from a green laser and IPG's GLR series of single-mode, single-frequency, linearly polarised continuous wave (CW) 532 nm fibre lasers with output powers up to 30 W are ideal for these purposes.

  • Diagnostics or particle imaging
  • Holography & interferometry
  • Laser trapping & pumping
  • Velocimetry & flow visualisation

These highly efficient and reliable lasers feature a super-compact lightweight optical head connected to an air-cooled rack-mounted main laser console. The all-fibre construction allows for full range adjustment of output power without changes in power stability or beam mode parameters.

For more information about these or other lasers IPG offers through Elliot Scientific, please contact us.

Elliot Scientific will be exhibiting at the following events over the next few weeks...

OPIE 2017 logo
INTERMAG 2017 logo
SUPA 2017 Logo

OPIE'17: OPTICS & PHOTONICS International Exhibition
19th to 21st April 2017
Yokohama, Japan
   We can be found in the Autex booth

24th to 28th April 2017
Dublin, Ireland
   We can be found on the Lake Shore Cryotronics stand

Scottish Universities Physics Alliance 2017
10th May 2017
Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh

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