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December 2017  

The Elliot Scientific December 2017 Newsletter: In this issue we examine the economic's of laser trapping with Elliot Scientific Optical Tweezers, look at a hot performer from Neoptix - The NOMAD-Touch fibre-optic thermometer, see a video of how the DEMCON|kryoz CryoLab can measure Seebeck coefficients, and get the measure of the superior pitch adjuster screw sets from Kozak Micro...

Economic laser trapping with Elliot Scientific Optical Tweezers

Optical Tweezers

Optical Tweezers have been around for a long time. Over 40 years have passed since Arthur Ashkin and his colleagues described the single-beam gradient force trap and sparked a realisation in many scientists that this novel instrument would be a powerful tool for use in the course of their research. However, the costs - both in time and money - of building Optical Tweezers from scratch were often prohibitive.

Optical Tweezers Brochure 2016 With the development of easy to use 'straight out of the box' systems by Elliot Scientific, Optical Tweezers are now found in many labs around the world. Real experiments carried out in one such lab can be found here.

Download our Optical Tweezers Brochure. It describes all the systems we offer; from open architecture kits to complete computer-controlled multiple spot trapping systems with force detection and more, or contact us to discuss details.

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The NOMAD-Touch fibre-optic thermometer is a hot performer from Neoptix

NOMAD-Touch: A single-channel fibre-optic thermometer offers impressive versatility from a rechargeable touchscreen device.

This single-channel fibre-optic thermometer allows you to freely move from one area to another to measure temperatures between -80 and 250 °C.

Critical sensing points in medical, microwave, radio frequency, high voltage, aerospace and military applications can benefit from the 0.1 °C resolution the NOMAD-Touch offers.

NOMAD-Touch™ is perfect wherever you need immunity to electromagnetic fields, where conventional metallic sensors cannot be used. Please contact us for more information.


Using CryoLab to measure Seebeck coefficients: Video from DEMCON kryoz explains

The CryoLab Seebeck Add-on on YouTube
DEMCON kryoz logo

The Seebeck effect is the direct conversion of temperature differences to electric voltage and vice versa. A thermoelectric device creates voltage when there is a different temperature on each side. Conversely, when a voltage is applied to it, it creates a temperature difference.

By using the CryoLab from DEMCON kryoz, it is possible to measure the Seebeck coefficient of a material sample, wire or thin film from 373 Kelvin down to cryogenic temperatures. In this informative video, DEMCON kryoz demonstrate how such measurements are made using their equipment. For more information, please contact us.

Superior pitch adjuster screw sets from Kozak Micro are perfectly matched

Kozak screw sets
Kozak 508TPI screw sets
Up to 508 TPI

Kozak Micro manufactures super-smooth adjustment screw sets with threads as fine as 508 TPI (0.05 mm pitch). Available through Elliot Scientific in the UK and Ireland, these adjusters can be purchased in single or OEM quantities.

Proprietary manufacturing on a variety of customised machine tools enables Kozak Micro to produce adjusters in a range of pitches that are superior to industry standards.

Elliot Scientific offers 6 imperial and 4 metric thread pitch ranges of matched-set micropositioning adjustment screws and unbraked bushings that deliver the highest precision and smoothest movement by far for the most demanding of applications. Please contact us for more information.

Winter Holiday Schedule

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    Friday, December 22nd. 2017

We re-open at 08:30 GMT on:
    Tuesday, January 2nd. 2018

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