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November 2017  

The Elliot Scientific November 2017 Newsletter: In this issue we reveal that: HOLOEYE has made their new driver standard across the PLUTO range of SLMs, EXFO has announced a new batch of test and measurement (T&M) instruments for the optical communications laboratory, OZ Optics is a great choice for economical high-quality fibre optic components, and Gamma Scientific has a new video demonstrating the capabilities of their SpectralLED light source.

HOLOEYE's new SLM driver now standard across the PLUTO and other ranges


Selected panels feature

  • Dielectric mirror coating
  • High Retardance (HR)
  • Fast response times
  • Low phase flicker
  • High phase shift
HOLOEYE Photonics logo

HOLOEYE's new enhanced electronics driver module is now being supplied with all PLUTO Spatial Light Modulator (SLM) panels and other models, such as LETO.

Refl. (%) Phase Shift
(Max @ nm)
 -UV-043 350-420 90 2.8π @ 355 Dielectric Mirror
 -VIS-014 420-650 65 3.9π @ 530 Fast Response
 -VIS-016 420-650 67 6.7π @ 530 HR/Low Phase Flicker
 -VIS-020 530-640 75-80 8.2π @ 530 High Phase Shift
 -VIS-056 450-650 93-95 2.5π @ 530 Dielectric Mirror
 -NIR-011 420-1100 65-75 4.5π @ 530 Broadband/Fast Response
 -NIR-015 650-1100 65-73 4.4π @ 850 HR/Low Phase Flicker
 -NIR-002 1000-1100 62 2π @ 1064  
 -NIR-049 1000-1100 93 2π @ 1064 Dielectric Mirror
 -NIRO-023 1000-1400 74 4.1π @ 1400  
 -TELCO-013 1400-1700 80 3.5π @ 1550  

The PLUTO-2 is equipped with a dual-core processor, on-chip memory and features an HDMI interface for addressing phase functions, a USB connection for advanced calibrations, and a trigger sync output for synchronising with external devices - such as colour-switchable lasers. The driver's faster addressing speed allows for a colour-field-sequential (CFS) mode at 180 Hz input frame rate with the matching new PLUTO-2 SLMs and, as a bonus, also offers a more stable phase response.

For more info regarding PLUTO-2 or other systems from HOLOEYE, please contact us.

For high-quality affordable fibre optic components, choose OZ Optics

OZ Optics is a leading fibre optic supplier with an outstanding reputation as a manufacturer of affordable high-quality components for use in telecoms, industry, medicine and the lab. How?

OZ Optics patented a technology for aligning fibres to better than 0.1 µm resolution without using expensive high precision machining.

Typical products Elliot Scientific supplies include:

  • Focusers
  • Combiners
  • Connectors
  • Patchcords
  • Collimators
  • Attenuators
  • Beamsplitters
  • Fused splitters
  • Vacuum feedthroughs
  • Inline Optical Taps
  • Polarisation rotators
  • Polarisation maintaining connectors

  • Contact us for details

EXFO reveals new benchtop T&M instruments for the optical communications lab

EXFO offer a comprehensive range of benchtop and portable test instruments, delivering top performance and pinpoint accuracy for the optical communications laboratory. The range has recently been expanded with the addition of several new instruments:

 OSA High Performance Optical Spectrum Analyser
  • Wavelength range of 1250-1700 nm
  • Resolution: 20 pm (native) & adjustable over 50-2000 pm
  • Sweep speed up to 2000 nm/s
  • Accuracy: ±10 pm over 1500-1640 nm & ±25 pm over 1250-1700 nm
  • Power level accuracy of ±0.4 dB
  • Built-in calibration source
  • Intuitive user interface with 12" touchscreen
  • 8 application-oriented analysis modes and a full suite of analysis tools
EXFO OSA High Performance Optical Spectrum Analyser


 XT Series Automatic/Manual Tuneable Filters with Fixed or Adjustable Bandwidth
XTA-50 Automatic Tuneable Filter with Adjustable BandwidthEXFO >XTM-50 Manual Tuneable Filter with Adjustable Bandwidth

XTA-50 / XFA                          XTM-50

  • Adjustable bandwidth flat-top filter
  • Ultra-sharp filter edges
  • High isolation
  • 200 nm wavelength range
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Narrowest filter - highest selectivity
  • Three models: Standard, Ultrafine & Wide
  • Manual (XTM-50) & Fixed Bandwidth (XFA) versions also available
 T100S-HP High Power Tuneable Laser Source
  • Power > +10 dBm for Essential & > +8 dBm for Extended Range models
  • Dynamic range of 100 dB & tuning range of up to 200 nm
  • 6 models cover 1240 to 1680 nm
  • Wavelength accuracy < ± 20 pm
  • Sweeping & Stepping operations
EXFO T100S-HP High Power Tuneable Laser Source


For more information about these or other EXFO products we offer, please contact us.

Gamma Scientific's latest SpectralLED® demo video now on YouTube

Gamma Scientific have uploaded a short video to YouTube that shows how the SpectralLED® renders colour in real time by using a side-by-side screenshot of its software and the results on a light booth set-up

The video shows how the SpectralLED® can sweep through wavelengths to simulate a scanning monochromator courtesy of 32 discrete LEDs to produce a subtle or bright output that can closely match virtually any illuminant source.

For more information about the SpectralLED® or other light sources from Gamma Scientific, please contact us.

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